What Could Have Been! Disney’s Pixar Releases Newt Concept Art On Official Facebook Page!

Over the weekend Disney’s Pixar released some concept art for their now cancelled Newt movie. Releasing the images only on their official Facebook page, below we have a few of the wonderful peices of art work for the film. First announced back in 2008, Newt was to be the feature film of the director of the short before Rattatoui, Gary Rydstrom.

The film was to focus on the last two blue-footed newts in existence; they are destined to mate to save their species from extinction, but circumstances make the situation more complicated.

When first announced, they were aiming for a 2012 release — which would be followed by Pixar’s other animated film The Bear And The Bow. But after some “story concerns” and complications it was canned in favor of The Bear In The Bow – which had a change in title to Brave – so its nice to see that Pixar cares enough to release the awesomly cool pieces of art along with the projects demise. Check just some of the images below! Enjoy!

Check out the rest of the awesome concept art pieces over at Pixar’s official Facebook page here!

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