Zombieland 2 Has It’s First Draft Script, But It May Not Be Next Inline For Director Ruben Fleischer

It was clear, almost certain that after the release of the Ruben Fleischer directed zom-com Zombieland that there would be a sequel — there was no doubt, not in mine or the general film goers mind. I mean the characters were great, the potential is infinite, there is a million-and-one things you can do with Zombies added to the equation — just look at the near to production Pride And Prejudice And Zombies adaption. With the walking dead, where can you go wrong? Awhile back we caught wind of a sequel, and now here we are and director Fleischer now says that the first draft of the script it done!

While on a set visit on the directors latest film, Cinema Blend, had a chance to chat with the Zombieland collaborative of director Fleischer and young star Jesse Eisenberg. Both confirmed that the first draft of the script was indeed finished – written by previous writing duo Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick – and that between them Fleischer was the only one who had actually read it. He said of the script, that “it’s going to be amazing.” Already hard at work on several other projects, Fleischer had no idea if or when he will be directing a Zombieland 2 as he has two films planned after finishing his current one, 30 Minutes or Less, which will be due out next August in the US.

As for Eisenburg his next film, The Social Network, is due for release and looking ahead I think (if it succeeds) that we should be seeing a bit of stardom for the young star — and this should hopefully boost his stardom and force the studio to make Zombieland 2 a priority. Cast wise I only hope that Woody Harrelson will return along with Emma Stone and Abigail Breslin — because lets face it, they’re just he perfect dysfunctional family! And I would love to say Murray, but he got busted in the ghut —  gut-busted…get it….which sounds like ghost-busting…..no? Maybe not. But lame puns, aside stay tuned for more from the world of zombie action!


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