Check Out The Awesome Inception Special Edition Blu-ray Being Released In The UK!!

Its not often you see a Blu-ray that looks better than the actual theatrical release, and to say that about a film as amazing as Christopher Nolan‘s Inception — is a big thing. I think the movie itself was freaking awesome, infinitely better than Cameron‘s Avatar – although it didn’t make quite as much – it still ranks very high for me. One thing I had a beef with for films as epic as Avatar and Inception was the DVD/Blu-ray releases — and sorry Cameron but Avatar at home didn’t fir the bill. It was rushed, cheap looking and weak with almost non-existence special features — and to top that all off they held back on releasing the special edition so Cameron could squeeze a few extra bucks out of the average consumer. So overall boo you Cameron, but it is Inception that I worry about now. Will it hit the mark?
Well now all my fears for Inception have disappeared with the Warner Bro‘s release of a limited edition Inception Blu-ray triple pack inside a infinitely cool briefcase! To be released on December 6th (in the UK), the pack includes a the Blu-ray of the  film, DVD version, Digital Copy, a (Blu-ray) dics of special features, theatrical guide to Dream Machine, art cards and a f*****g spaz-tastic spinning top Totem from the film!!! I mean did you just have a seizure or what!? I know I did, but the potentially bad news is that there is no word as to whether it will be released elsewhere in the world. I’m crossing my fingers that it will! For our UK readers it costs around £39.99 RRP.

Check the large image of the amazingly cool special edition below, and as always enjoy!

One response to “Check Out The Awesome Inception Special Edition Blu-ray Being Released In The UK!!

  1. I want it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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