The Hellraiser Reboot Stuck In Uncertainty, Will Pin Head Ever Make It To The Big Screen Once Again?

With all the 80’s horror remakes/reboots being punched out in the last decade – primarily by Platinum Dunes – its hardly surprising that someone has been looking into “reinventing” the popular Hellraiser franchise. And to be honest I’m not totally against it. It seems that Dimensions, the production company responsible for most of the Hellraiser films to date has been looking into reinventing the franchise for a reboot that relates better to the 21st century audience of today — and it looks like they’ve been trying for quite awhile now.

The only problem I could see per se, would be the transition from 80’s modern scenarios to a modern counter-part — a turning point which others of its genre have done well in (Friday The 13th, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre). Over the last few years many directors have been attached to the project including Pascal Laugier, director duo Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton and the latest Christian E. Christiansen — so as you can see not a lot has changed from when the news of a remake came out. With most of the past and present news on cast and crew blundering with the hopes of seeing Pin-head on the silver-screen once again.

What I don’t seem to understand is how hard it can be to get one simple script, with a minimal ensemble of miix-mash cast and crew in and create another instant classic — one such skill many aspiring and famous directors alike fail to attain. But apparently the main problem lies in the company, Dimension are choosing to be picky about who they get to write and directed the flick. Apparently sifting through all the latest and greatest talents, and mixing and matching to try and get an idea of what they wan’t — something that usually doesn’t end to well for lower down production companies.

According to Screen Rant, one insider said that “It’s a ‘they know it when they see it’ kind of thing… It’s a small needle to hit, no pun intended.” It seems that they have been slightly blind when it comes to where they sit in the business, if they haven’t realized they aren’t in any position to be picky — with the latest straight to DVD entries smearing away most of the reboots options. The latest being the straight to DVD release Hellraiser: Revelations being directed by Victor Garcia, coming to a cheap video store near you! I mean it seems that when It comes to priorities, Dimensions are all messed up — with four theatrical releases being out weighed by five straight to DVD flicks, so it seems Dimensions has its priorities a little mixed up. Soi stay tuned for more from a theatrical reboot of the Hellraiser franchise.


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