Conan Gets His Beer Face On, In The Latest Conan Set Pics

If you remember the last set pics from Marcus Nispel‘s film adaption of the popular Robert E. Howard character Conan The Barbarian, then you’ll know that these are a slight step up from a few sullen looks and some shifty looking fight scenes. Just a warning for those sensitive to nudity that the following contains pictures of boobs — to be blunt so please don’t complain that you haven’t been warned because frankly they’re just boobs. Don’t get to excited.

What I like about the look of the new film is that it seems like they’re willing to take the gloves off this time round and actually show off some of the more Cimmerian-Barbarian side off the Conan franchise, and stay closer to Howard’s original character which is gritty and rough — an element the previous films lacked. So expect blood, expect guts, and expect an untamed, unleashed and darker Conan than ever before!

Thanks to the guys (and gals) over at the Conan Movie Blog we have several set pics from the upcoming remake featuring Jason Moamoa as the iconic barbarian Conan, previoulsy portrayed by Arnold Schwarzenegger in two previous films. The pics feature Moamoa’s Conan up to his barbarian ways sitting back in his tent drinking some good ole’ ale surrounded by politically some cave-men looking women — wearing…well not alot. enjoy! But thanks to CinemaBlend we have the toned down versions of the pics, with some handy censors to work-safe the post. But if you your that way inclined then head over to Conan Movie Blog for the barbaric versions — uncensored goodness. Enjoy!

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