Does Universal Have A Few To Many Ideals For BioShock?? I Think So, And A PG-13 Rating!? Seriously

It’s been almost forever since we’ve heard anything but trouble from the production of a Bioshock movie — way back in June in fact when we got news that producers were in a spot of trouble over budget problems. And now to add to that stack of troubles we have this stinker, the studio is finding ways to fit it into a strictly PG-13 rating (M in NZ) — which is a bit of an oddity when the game is a very solidly R-rated. Personally I think that’s what makes the game so freaking awesome, and if your a fan of the Bioshock games then its not great news.

Not all is lost, as the studio is looking into a PG-13 rating but producer Gore Verbinski and director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo are strictly gunning for a hard R-rating — so it’s nice to know that at least the crew know what they want. And personally I think that trying to make a film something its not, in this case PG-13 rated then it strays to far from the what its being adapted from — which is the games. The rumors of trouble in June weren’t in fact so much to do with the lack of budget, as Universal is willing to fork over the cash — but for a price, which is the lower rating. So not so much to budget, but conflicting ideals — Universal wants PG-13 and they want R-rated…but the question is are there enough fans out there over the required age for a solid R-rating. 

I think so, I mean they wouldn’t even be making the thing if it wasn’t for those fans. And to be honest I won’t be seeing it if Universal get their way — because if they’re looking to get a moderate rating from a game that requires you to maul mutants with obscure items and renchs then obviously they haven’t played the games themselves. And sources say that Universal are also going for a low-budget price-cut for production of the first, in a planned series and if you have ever played the games then you’ll know that there is no WAY in hell this can be done on a small budget let alone on a PG-13 rating.

One of the main problems with a watered down adaption is the main plot, about a survivor of plain-crash who finds a debauched under-water world filled with mutants, little mutant girls called little-sisters who suck the liquid out of dead bodies and there protectors Big-daddys. Which is where the problem lays, Hollywood it seems doesn’t approve of little children – let alone little girls – being used as horror objects and poaching for a PG-13 rating would eliminate that element almost completely. And without that its nothing.
With a third BioShock game in the works, BioShock Infinite, I think a film like this would cause more harm than good — and at this point I think that the films looking even more of a bad idea as it goes along.   Universal wants a large money-making franchise, but by the sounds of it they have a few to many conditions. So my advice is, Universal sit down for the week and get yourself a copy of BioShock 1&2 and have a decent go and then come back and give us your new criteria.  

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