X-Men 2 Director Brian Singer Gives Details On X-Men: First Class

Its one of those things that fuel the movie news/gossip business and thats not rumors – its spoilers – and thanks to producer and X-Men 2 director Brian Singer we have some details to share on the upcoming X-Men film — First Class.

So WARNING contains spoilers. There has been allot of casting news lately, and I’m afraid to say that I can’t quite keep up with all the cast news — so I will hopefully get the news to you soon in a joint post later one when the full cast is posted. But for now we have some plot details from producer Brian Singer.

Although Singer isn’t directing, he’s still very much involved with production of X-Men: First Class — and he caught up with AICN to give them the low-down on what they’re up to. Singer is in fact serving as producer for the Mattew Vaugh directed superdude film. Singer had the following to say;

  • The film is a allotment piece and is set during the 1960’s, with J.F Kennedy still acting as president
  • It will cover the meeting of Charles Xavier (Professor X) and Erik Leshner (Magneto) in around there early 20’s
  • James McAvoy is playing a young Professor X, but won’t be in his wheel-chair to begin with so we’ll get to see how and why he got into his wheelchair bound state for the rest of the films – also well be seeing a Charles Xavier with a full crop of hair.
  • Singer also said that First Class won’t be your conventional comic-to-movie transfer, its a whole new beginning for the X-Men.
  • He said that because it’s set in the 60’s a lot of the technology is inspired by James Bond in that era, so expect some pretty retro gadgets involved.
  • The costumes for the film will be even more extravagant and more comic-bookish than before
  • We won’t be seeing Scott and Jean we will although be seeing cyclops’ brother Alex Summers aka Havoc, as played by Lucas Till
  • The Hellfire club will be present in the film, with Kevin Bacon as Sebastian Shaw and January Jones as Emma Frost as members. Also the costumes will be similar to the ones in the comics, and Bacon may sport a ponytail with a ribbon in it!?!?
  • The films will feel more comprehensive with filming spreading from the U.S to England, with Charles Xavier attending Oxford and there will be some Russian elements because of being in the 60’s

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