First (Proper) Set Picks From On Set Of Captain America!

If you saw the previous first pics, which we posted earlier than you will know that these pics are mostly likely to be considered the first (proper) set pictures from filming of one of Marvels upcoming super-dude films — The First Avenger: Captain America. Filming for the Captain America film has begun, and what makes it the most exciting is that we have no idea at all what to expect and these pics don’t help in the slightest but still is cool seeing something that we don’t know everything about these days.

These won’t be the first, or last for that matter as I can imagine that as filming progress we will see a whole host of pics circling the web, some hopefully more delightful than the last. Whats also very cool is that this is one of the first modern day superhero films that well be getting that is as a period piece – being set around the World War II era. Which means that at some point in the film, most likely the end, we’ll be seeing him stored away until such a time as he is needed (which is when The Avengers is set, in modern day of course).

The pics below come from set in London’s Trafalgar square, where a large crowd is seen celebrating — most likely the end of the war no doubt, these pics below come from WENN where you can see 26 other pics just like them. Check out the pics below and enjoy the latest behind the scenes pic of the….day? Enjoy!


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