Scream 4 Set Photos Coming In By The Bucket Load! Including Some Questionable Storyboarding, Real Or Fake…You Decide!

There hasn’t been a whole lot of info to post lately on Wes Craven‘s upcoming horror sequel, Scream 4, which began production in June for a April 2011 release. When it comes to info or details, they’ve been scarce — but as for set pics they’ve been plentiful. With the (potentially) most interesting being a shot of some of the supposed story-boarding done for the film, but then again be very skeptical because although I would like to believe everyone else is as truthful as me — people lie and to be honest in this case it looks pretty legit but don’t be surprised is this is fake. But still….they look pretty damn cool anyway.

To put on display as to how much there actually is off set pics i’ve only added several of the best pics below And whoever this Banadoc guy is, hes the one to thank for the majority of Scream 4 set pics and limited info out there — so whoever you are your one committed goddam guy (or girl) and we applaud you for it. Go and check out his site for the latest pics on set in Michagen:

Heres a comment he had to say over at of one particular night of shooting, “It was a bloody, messy scene and security were very cranky about cameras. I don’t blame the crew for wanting no cameras — it was an important scene, filmed in full view of the (albeit small) crowd. In fact, it was so pivotal that I’m surprised they chose to do it that way.”

So its a wonder no one from the “(albeit small) crowd: hasn’t spilt the beans all over the internet, I mean wouldn’t you. Probably not. But anyway check out the awesome pics below! Enjoy!

The supposed official story-boarding — WARNING may contain spoilers, so if you have 20/20 vision go nuts!


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