Tim Burton Producing A Stop-Motion Adaption Of The Charles Addams Adams Family Cartoons!! And Why My Wildest Dreams Have Come True!

First of all, Tim Burton is a great director – theres no doubt about that – but what he does best isn’t just the directorial role, he’s also a fantastic artist and conceptualist. So what better to do than put together two of the quirkiest ideas together to form one! Tim Burton and Charles AddamsAddams Family…but don’t get to excited yet because hes doing it in stop-motion 3D! Now thats something to be excited about.

If you loved Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas, then that should give you an idea of what to expect with Burton’s stop-motion magic– and I love it.

Last month we found out that Burton would be involved in a stop-motion adaption of the popular Addams Family comics by Charles Addams, which ran in The New Yorker before becoming couple of TV series and films — all of which missed the mark. The news came to us a few months back that Burton would be  invloved in a Addams Family pic and now here we are. Deadline Hollywood was the first to break the new stating that Burton will be producing a stop-motion motion adaption of the the popular comics for Illumination Entertainment and Universal Studios with Ed Wood writers Scott Alexander and Larry Karaszewsk hired to help develop a script.

Along with that the article also states that Burton will also be working with the duo for their fact-based drama Big Eyes, “based on artist Margaret Keane’s struggle to get credit for the line of paintings of big-eyed children that became wildly popular in the ’60s.” With the duo opting to direct when they wrote the ting. So really the title should read “Tim Burton Teams up with Ed Wood writers for Addams Family adaption and Big Eyes”.

At the time of the news that Burton would be doing a 3D stop-motion adaption of the comic, Burton’s reps had this to say of the matter “There is no truth to the story. Tim has not lined up any of his upcoming projects.” So really, the fact the Burton’s name was mentioned at all with the project already gave an indication of his involvement — because to bang the nail on the head Addams Family is a Burton film. Whether you recognise him as great director you have to admit.Burton was born for this film.


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