Trailer Trove: Wes Craven’s My Soul To Take May Not Scare The Crap Out Of You, But It Sure As Hell Will Try!

From the man who brought us the first and best(in my books) Nightmare On Elm Street, we have the trailer to (one) of his latest projects, straight from the creative mind of legendary horror director Wes Craven comes My Soul To Take! Written and directed by the man himself, My Soul To Take follows seven teenagers who were born on the night that one of the towns most notorious serial killers was died — but on the night of his death he declares he’ll be back to haunt the youths of the towns. And flash forward 16 year and as it seems in the trailer — he’s doing just that.

Once known as 25/8, Soul To Take has – and I won’t say thrown together – but rather put in the can just before production of Craven’s next film Scream 4 commences for next years release. My Soul To Take is due to it theaters around 8th October this year — so keep an eye out for a release in your part of the world. I think, after watching the trailer, that despite not really giving me the creeps (which isn’t that easy, trust me) It looks truly awesome! Classic Craven. So check out the embedded trailer below!…And as always, Enjoy!!

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