Trailer Trove: Guess Who’s Retired And Extremely Dangerous? The First RED Makes Its Way Online!

Summit has released its first trailer to its upcoming Loser‘s styled oldies team-up RED (Retired Extremely Dangerous) starring Bruce Willis, Helen Mirren, Morgan Freeman, Marie-Louise Parker, John Malkovich — about retired CIA agent Frank Moses who goes into retirement from being in the black-ops and one day is attack by a high-tech CIA agent intent on killing him. So before he is killed, while endagerig the woman he loves Sarah (Mirren),  naturally he assembles his old (old being the operative word) team consisting of (himself) Freeman, Mirren and Malkovich — who go on a man hunt to track down this killer and beat him to the chase.

Based on the DC comic of the same name, RED is directed by Robert Schwentke (The Time Travellers Wife) and is due in cinemas October 15th (2010). And Despite is very recent prduction woes the trailer looks awesome! And I’m not just saying that to respect my elders — and trust me, Bond wouldn’t stand a chance against this baldie-band of bad-ass’! Check out the embedded trailer below, and as always enjoy!


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