Why Guillermo de Toro Says A Hellboy III May Not Be Made At All! Cast And Crew Seem To Agree, And Sadly So Do I…

If your a die-hard fan of the Mike Mignola comics that the films are based on then you will know what a HUGE disappointment it was to hear that recent deserter-director Guillermo del Toro may in fact not be doing a third Hellboy movie! Whoever del Toro is a very passionate director in some aspects, as he bore and raised the both Hellboy films through sheer force and will power — and yet they weren’t being watched! It’s all well making the damn things, but when it comes to viewer ship — it was just lacking.

I myself loved both films wholeheartedly — I feel that del Toro has done Mignola’s esteem some great favors and that the story of the Red Right Hand Of Doom has got a long way to go — to even getting near to any sort of conclusion. But alas Director del Toro recently told MTV Splash Page that he would love to do a Hellboy III, but even he agrees that a second sequel could only travel down one road — one road that neither he or creator Mike Mignola are willing to travel down. At least not yet.

Its been a big of a guessing game when coming to del Toro as of late, with his departure from the directorial role in the Lord Of THe Rings prequels leaving everyone guessing as to his next film — and the latest rumors seem to be pointing to a return to the Hellboy franchise. But as you know a sequel is almsot out of the question, but when last asked (by none other than MTV’s Splashpage) indicated that fate rested on actor Ron Pearlman, the man behind the several layers playing title role of Hellboy — a process that Pearlman seems to dislike.

Saying in the interview (del Toro), “You know, I think that everyone should ask Ron [Perlman],” said del Toro. “I had dinner with [Perlman] last night. He said ‘six hours [in the makeup chair], what do you want?'” And he’s doing ‘Sons of Anarchy’ without makeup. He’s spoiled! He likes to be the big cheese without the makeup session.”

He continues, “I would love to do it,” continued del Toro. “But the heartbreak for me is that I know how it ends and I don’t know if I want to see that ending. But I would love to do it.” For a sequel, it wouldn’t be to hard to get things going again without bringing the films (and seemingly bringng the comics with them) to and end — I mean personally I would opt for a prequel of some sort. But the question then remains, which story to follow? There is hundreds! At the end of Hellboy: The Golden Army it is shown that Hellboy and the rest of the BPRD members Abe Sapien, Liz Sherman and Johann Kraus leave the BPRD for good and head of into the distance — presumably to better shores, but before we fade out we are told that Liz (who we find out is pregnant earlier in the film) is going to be having twins. To the surprise of Hellboy.

So really when you take a look at the differences between Mignola‘s and del Toro’s (and I do say del Toro’s because like any good director he has made it his own) Hellboys are extremely different, firstly in the comics Hellboy and Liz’s relationship is practically non-existence with Hellboy seeing himself of more of a father figure than lover — but then you look at the films and they’re living together as lovers and are makin’ babies by the fire! So we have two completely different universes.

Comic-book creator Mignola said back in 2008 (about doing Hellboy 3), that “The problem is, what del Toro’s talked about to me is that ‘Hellboy III’ would be the end of Hellboy,” said Mignola. “And here’s where we have the big conflict. My version of Hellboy in the comics is a finite story, but it’s going to take me 15 years to get to the ending. If he makes ‘Hellboy III’ and it’s the death of Hellboy, I’m left doing the comic going, ‘But I’m not done yet.’

He continued, “My Hellboy is not going to have kids,” continued Mignola. “My Hellboy is going to die, but I want to be the one who does that. And if del Toro does my ending, there won’t be a lot of surprise when I get to the end of the comic.”

If they put me in the directorial (and the writing chair) I would go for an adaption of one of Mignola’s other popular (Hellboy universe related) spin-off comic series say BPRD — but really the two previous films predominantly converged around the BPRD for the most of the film. But hey that’s just me, and If I was del Toro (and remember I’m not) I wouldn’t get into a sequel any time soon — leave it and come back to it that’s what I say. But as always I’m NOT the director, or NOT the writer so we have to look to the people and charge and honestly believe them when they say: Hellboy 3 will not be made……..for now.


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