Could A Jumper Sequel Be In The Cards? Certainly Not…I Hope

The first film wasn’t all too good, and to be honest a sequel at the moment wouldn’t be the greatest idea – but it seems someone somewhere is keeping a cool eye out for potential storylines for a sequel to the 2008 sci-fi failure Jumper directed by Doug Liman. An MTV interview with Hayden Christensen seems to suggests, that in fact a sequel could be in the cards.

Saying “We’re talking about it right now actually,” he said. Where could the story go? “Hopefully somewhere a little darker. I think there’s a lot you can do with it. It was sort of set up in a way it’s gonna be mother hunting son and possibly even maybe sister hunting brother. We’re talking about it, trying to figure it out.”

So at least someone’s keen, I know at the present time in the film industry a film like this wouldn’t be the safest bet – but then again you never know. But what’s clear is that they have at least some idea where they want to go for a sequel, cus I would have no clue. But that’s just me; some seem to suggest that there could be a time-travel aspect of the characters teleportation powers – so not all is bad! So stay tuned for more info as it comes in!


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