Update: Animated Terminator Film May Not Happen At All, Termination Is Near!

UPDATE: Earlier today we posted that there is a 3D, animated Terminator movie in the works, Terminator 3000. But now we are getting reports that this may not happen after all, as Pacificor, LLC the company who own the rights to the Terminator franchise found out that companies Hannover House and Red Bear Entertainment, will be making a (apparently unauthorized) animated Terminator film — and they’re not to happy about it.

Recently Pacificor, LLC have sent the heads of Hannover and Red Bear a Cease and Desist letter, saying: “We recently became aware through various online media reports that Hannover House, purportedly a division of Target Development Group, Inc. (“TDGI”), entered into a purported feature film development venture with a Vancouver based entity, Red Bear Entertainment, for “Teminator 3000” an animated feature film based upon the characters introduced in the original Terminator movie.

This knowledge came as a surprise to Pacificor. It did not license or authorize any such development or film. Indeed, it has not been contacted by Hannover House, TDGI, Red Bear Entertainment or anyone else seeking such a license or approval. While some of the reports we have seen mention that Pacificor “retains approval and licencing authority…” over the proposed project, a reasonable inference drawn from the reports is that such approval has been obtained. Otherwise, why would the “development deal” have been entered into in the first place and why would the reports mention a proposed January 2011 start date for production?”

So not good news for them, as the report shows that both companies didn’t even seek to retain the rights from the company — so Its kinda a given that they would be pissed. But lets just hope for the films sake that its sorted out soon!


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