A 3D, Animated Terminator Film In The Works!

To be honest the last McG directed Terminator, T4: Salvation was a bit off a stinker, it made enough world-wide but it lacked what money can’t buy — reception. It was pretty pathetic, for all the CGI it could buy it still couldn’t pull it off. It almost felt like a Michael Bay Transformers: ROTF scenario.

But that aside, here is something that may tickle your taste buds: a $70 million dollar full length 3D animated film headed by Hannover House and Red Band entitled Terminator 3000 is in the works,   “based on the characters and situations introduced in the original Terminator feature.” But heres the best part, “Story details for Terminator 3000 are being kept under close wraps, but the writers and production team have a stated goal of minimizing violence in order to obtain a PG-13 level of material.”

I mean seriously? But Salvation had quite a bit of gore, but it still maintained its PG-13 rating — but then again Salvation was pretty bad so who knows? Violence may be the key. I think that this is what Terminator has been lacking, a little bit of ingenuity – just a little bit of alteration to get it going. But is it for the good though? Production is set for January 2011 so check out the press release over at Collider here.


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