Video: Shia LaBeouf Locks Lips With Transformes Babe On Set Of Transformers 3 In Chicago, The Video!

First things first Shia, she’s mine! But jokes aside, Shia LaBeouf  and co-star/new Transformers babe Rosie Huntington-Whiteley have added a romantic scene to Michael Bay‘s Transformers 3 on set for shooting in Chicago. The on-screen couple were captured locking lips for filming last Saturday on the Lasalle bridge, in Chicago. The two, which were surrounded by obvious staged carnage and armed (presumably)N.E.S.T. operatives.

LaBeouf will reprise his role in the upcoming film, as heroin Sam Witwicky for Bay’s TF 3 – as for Huntington-Whiteley her characters name has not been announced, but many rumors suggest she will be playing Carly — who is described as Sam’s eventual wife in the animated series. But what we do know, and adding this scene, she is playing Sam’s love interest after the (presumed) death of Megan Fox‘s character Mikaela Banes.

Transformers 3 is heading for a July, 2011 release in the US under the head of previous director Michael Bay. We don’t have anything at the moment as for plot or synopsis, but we do know that it has been confirmed that Decepticon Shockwave will be the main villain. So check out the vid below, if it hasen’t been deleted then enjoy!


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