Bay’s Mis-Information Campaign Falling To Pieces, Alan Tudyk Confirms That TF 3 Isn’t An Improvement

In June we got resurance from director Michael Bay that his next Transformers film (Transformers 3) would be a definate improvement from the last, which was less than satisfactory to say the least. First he said that the (slightly racist) Autobot twins from the second (TF: Revenge of the Fallen) would be “basically gone.” — yet dozens of set photos say different. He even said that Agent Simmons (played by John Turturro), who has featured in both previous films, would be gone too.

Yet, we have an interview with Tudyk from talking about his latest projects — which happens to include Michael Bay’s Transformers 3. Casting was rumored around May, but there was no news on Firefly stars presence.

Tudyke said of the character: “I’m a fellow agent of [Agent Simmon’s], that is sort of his assistant and weapons expert, computer hacker, cyber sleuth.” So we know that a) Bay clearly lied about the autobot twins, and b) that Simmons is indeed in the third — and with a pairing like Turturro and Tudyk who knows what to expect. But it should be good, all I know is that whatever Bay is trying to do – whether it be a miss-information campaign or just plain eccentricity – seems to be falling around him. Stay tuned for more info as it comes.


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