Little Fockers So Un-Funny That They Need Dustin Hoffman To Save The Day

Well we’ve known about this film for quite awhile now, and even after seeing the trailer and poster I’m still very unsure whether Im looking forward to it or just dreading it. I mean the films have lost some serious ground over the years, with comedies such as The Hangover leading with the laughs — and even after it’s sequel (Meet The Parents) which went out on a bit of a limb and as if to dry the well even further now we have Little Fockers.

Now we have some agnosticism for you, Vulture is reporting that well-placed Universal sources are looking into solving its problems with its upcoming Meet The Parent’s Sequel — Little Fockers which is apparently in need of upping the anti when it comes to the laughs.

So these source say that the company is looking to hire actor Dustin Hoffman to reprise his role as Bernie Focker in order to get some laughs into the apparently un-funny film state is in at the moment. Hoffman played over the top father Bernie Focker in the last sequel, Meet The Fockers — so If you loved him in the role the you may just get used to it! Little Fockers has already finished principle photography, but other such site Deadline Hollywood reported earlier this week that they will be tweaking some of the smaller scenes — but now it seems that they may actually go back into production (shooting).


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