Inception Such A Good Film It’s Forcing X-Men: First Class Writers To Alter Its Script…. And Not In A Good Way

There is no doubt that Inception was a true artistic vision, one headed by the creative minds behind reviving the Batman series – i.e Christopher Nolan. And in my mind I knew that eventually some other director would be conflicted by the film, and now we have news that Matthew Vaughn, the director of upcoming X-Men flick X-Men: First Class is the first person to come forward. 

Vaughn told The Los Angeles Times that after watching Inception, he had to quickly edit portions of his upcoming addition to the X-Men franchise. 

Saying, “I saw ‘Inception,’ which I loved,” Vaughn said . “But my heart sank when I saw that a few of the ideas we had were up [on the screen]. So it’s either leave it in and look as if you’re copying or change things. We completely ripped out about 12 pages of the script and the storyboards.”

After watching the film, Vaughn proceeded to scrap a scene (from First Class) between Professor Xavier (played by James McAvoy) and some other mutants, featuring in the dream-scape battling with some other mutants with spinning rooms and other such physics bending-imagery — which he felt dived into some of the more significant scenes in Inception. 

The change in script adds to the huge activity surrounding script changes, with six pages as he said have been removed around the scene in question. The script has been under several revisions, with six different writers credited to the project on it’s Imdb page. First Class for those of us not tuned to the concept, is a spin-off of the very popular mutant series X-Men. Following the younger years of Professor Charles Xavier a.k.a. Professor X, and Erik Lehnsherr formally known as Magneto played by Michael Fassbender. First Class is due in theatres June 3, 2011 (in the US).


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