Inception’s Ending Solved, Not Really…

The ongoing discussion as to the fate of Chris Nolan‘s character Cobb in dream-heist film Inception is going strong — is Cobb dreaming when he wakes up on the plane and returns to his kids?….or is he wide awake? Will we ever really know? Probably not, but then again Nolan is one to make us think — and personally I think he relishes it!

If you haven’t seen Inception yet, then don’t bother reading on, but if you have then surely you will know that at the end of the film when Cobb(played by Leonardo DiCaprio) and his team leave the airport, Cobb is let back into the country and taken back to his house by his father who we see earlier in the film. When he arrives Cobb after seeing his kids playing outside, naturally spins his totem on his dinner table and leaves it to spin going to meet his kids. But alas as Cobb is reunited with his kids, we see a close-up of his totem continually spinning — but it starts to wobbly slightly and it fades into credit before we get to see it topple.

The question is, was it all a dream in the first place and Cobb wasn’t in fact reunited with his “real” kids or was he finally home after all that time. Personally I think that there is no definitive answer, which is what I think Nolan was aiming for. But is you payed attention a little better the second time round (like I did) then you will clearly notice the similarity between his kids clothes and general attire through out the film. So what do you think?

To add to the confusion, and give some kind of evidence to it not being a dream The Playlist has uncovered a interview with Inception‘s costume designer Jeffery Kurland who claims that, even though the kids cothes appear to be the same they are in fact different, saying “the children’s clothing is different in the final scene… look again…”I mean hell his is the designer, so if anyone should know then hes te guy. But still its seems a little easy to say that they’re in fact not the same, but really it’s up to you to form your own opinion — as for me I’m still unsure.

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