Soundtrack: Tron Legacy’s Daft Punk Score Leaked Online

We had the news given to us (i.e the whole damn internet) that the score done by Daft Punk for Tron legacy had been leaked online, direct from Youtube. But now with confirmation from Disney (thanks to, we can now say that these are indeed fakes — but along with confirmation we have six more tracks that they believe to be real.

So don’t really be surprised if these aren’t actually the real thing, but all rumors and scores aside I think that Daft Punk in general are almost the perfect band for the job. I mean the look and feel of Daft Punk is very Tronish in itself and to have them contributing to the score as well as featuring in the film is almost a techno/nerds dream.

So enjoy the following tracks, and lets hope these are the real thing — but if you feel the need to hear 100% official Punk in Tron then feel abridged to watch the Legacy trailer here, as well as the new Comic-Con exlusive Legacy trailer here. But in the meen time, check the six snippets below!

  Daft Punk – Tron Soundtrack (Sampler) by Some Kind of Awesome


One response to “Soundtrack: Tron Legacy’s Daft Punk Score Leaked Online

  1. I don’t know about you guys but that sounds like the real thing, I know the first one is definitely the trailer/theme music…..

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