First Pic Of Ghostface In Scream 4!

Just a quick post, but here we have the first pic of Ghostface on set for filming of Wes Craven‘s Scream 4, which is where we got the pic — from director Craven’s Twitter account. The pic, which was taken from behind the scenes of production and shows the current Ghostface in his usual mask and black robe — ew how normal!

We got word of there being from, who craftily bought the domain for such a production somehow got a hold of some pics of three Ghostface masks, including the original and two variations. One Zombie like, and the other being a Scarecrow Ghostface mask. Apparently we will be seeing one of these variations and of course including the original Ghostface we have grown to love. So expect to be seeing one of the two variants in the upcoming film — which will be coming to a scream near you in April of next year.

RJ Torbet of Funworld (the manufacturer of the Ghostface gear) tweeted, “I expect there to be 2 diff masks, however I will say this, things changing very often – difficult to say without giving it away.” Giving us another hint by also writing, “Sent out additional GHOSTFACE to the SET today, a very interesting opening scene. Lets just say, the town of Woodsboro, has an obsession. There is your hint.”

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