COMIC-CON: Another Punisher Re-Boot On Its Way!? Seriously?

Marvel has been trying to make a decent movie out of its comic-book antihero Frank Castle aka The Punisher for years, three attempts in fact! All of which have been re-boots — and here we go again. At the Marvel panel at Comic-Con (yes I know its been five days since Comic-Con, but give me a break!) last weekend Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige announced that they will be attempting to re-boot (successfuly) the Punisher, let’s just hope fourth times the charm.

Feige has said that he is happy to have the character Frank Castle under the wing of Marvel, and is looking to head the movie in the direction of the comics. He said that he would like to look into titling the project under the Punisher’s real name ‘Frank Miller’ instead of the conventional Punisher-esk title — which is pretty cool.

Although this is all good and well, but they’ve been through a whole heap of new ideas for the film – the last being 2008’s Punisher: War Zone, which was pretty crap. So although is sounds good, I can only hope that this time they get it right!


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