COMIC-CON: Aaron Eckhart Unsure That He Will Return For Batman 3 As Harvey Two-Face

The actor who plays Harvey Dent/Two-face in Christopher Nolan‘s Dark Knight, Aaron Eckhart, when asked stated in a press conference that he was unsure if he would be returning for the third Batman film.

While at Comic-Con last week promoting his upcoming film Battle: Los Angeles, Eckhart was asked if he would be reprising his role for Chris Nolan‘s Batman 3.

And answered simply that he didn’t know, saying “First of all, you guys know as much as I do about the next Batman…Obviously Heath was supposed to reprise the role [of The Joker], Two Face obviously died in the last one, so I don’t know. I’m in the dark as much as everybody else about that. I suspect that they’re not going to have The Joker in the next one.”

Even after the release of Dark Knight, even Eckhart was unsure as to his characters fate and only found out in interview in AICN from director Chris Nolan that his character was dead saying when asked, “No, You’re dead. You’re dead.” Which seems a bit blunt, but at least we have some proof to the fact — but then again this is Nolan were talking about. Speculation has been flowing all over the internet over the last two years as to who will be the main villain and who will play him/her/it — rumors range from The Penguin, Talia Al Gul, Cat Woman to the more likely Riddler.

But whoever it ends up being at least we can (hopefully) rule out Eckharts character — although some people seem to indulge in some of the strangest and weirdest theories of Dent’s survival, as the last scene we saw him in TDK was lucid enough for us to believe Dent is alive. Although I myself don’t really care for such theories, in my opinion he’s dead. I would be surprised if Nolan took the effort of bringing him back when there are already so many open doors — and judging by Inception he isn’t too short on ideas.


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