COMIC-CON: CONfirmation That Jeff Bridges Will Be Playing Flynn and Clu In Upcoming Tron: Legacy

Man this years Comic-Con is getting out some good info, we can now confirm that Jeff Bridges will be playing both the roles of Flynn and Clu in this years follow-up to the 1982 sci-fi hit Tron Tron: Legacy. As you may know Bridges stared in the first film way back in ’82 and played the human Kevin Flynn, who was sucked into the computer world. And his other role in the film was a computer program called Clu that resembled his creator — also Kevin Flynn.

This means that we will be seeing Bridges as duo Flynn, who by this time will be somewhere between 60 and Clu, who will be looking 20-30ish because computer programs don’t age and actor Jeff Bridges was somewhere in his 20’s when he made the first Tron. This should be good.

However this does give us some hints as to who may or may not be the main villian in Legacy, otherwise why would you go to all the trouble of de-aging bridges for a minor role? Even before Comic-Con speculation pointed to Clu returning as the main villain for the upcoming film. Is this the villian? Who knows, until next time. Keep tuned for more COMIC-CON and Tron news.

P.S check this pick of de-aged Bridges as Clu 2.0!!


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