Simon Pegg Returning To Mission Impossible 4!?

For all those die hard Mission Impossible fans will be excited to know that Simon Pegg is currently in talks with Paramount over reprising his role as lab geek Benji Dunn in the fourth Mission Impossible installment — under the direction of Brad Bird. This will be birds first live-action project after The Incredibles and Ratatouille so it should be good. Also we have LOST producer J.J Abrams, who also worked with Pegg in 2009 on Star Trek.

Pegg’s character Benji Dunn, who first appeared in the last not-so-great installment of the franchise M:i:III. So far we know that Tom Cruise will be reprising his role of Ethan Hunt, despite the studios woes from the under-achievement of Cruis’ last film Knight And Day – which was basically your standard romance-action-comedy. Not that great. But Peg will be attending this years San Deigo Comic-con to showcase his new film, Paul — about two nerds who encounter an alien while travelling to a Comic Convention. So stay tuned for info in the upcoming Comic-con.

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