Tom Felton Steps Into Something Other Than Harry Potter! He Joins The Growing Cast Of Rise Of The Apes

Tom Felton isn’t really THAT big of a star in Hollywood, and even with his Harry Potter credentials he hasn’t really seemed to break into any other roles. I mean the guy doesn’t really do anything, except sit there and look blond and kinda emo. Other than the Potter films, we haven’t really seen much of the young actor apart from minor roles — most of which un credited

But now Fox has announced that Felton will be adding to the cast of the Planet of the Apes origins prequel Rise of the Apes — so hopefully he’ll be getting some decent screen time. So for once I think all those years playing omen-child Draco Malfoy in the popular Harry Potter films may pay off, not that earning millions of dollars and being in the eye of the world isn’t enough.

Rise of the Apes starts on the first Ape uprising against the humans, so Human and Ape character will be cast. Felton will sadly be playing a human character, as the son of Brian Cox‘s character who co-owns the Ape facility with his son. Other cast include Andy Serkis – who will be donning the motion capture suit to play the leading ape Caesar, as well as James Franco, Freida Pinto and John Lithgow. Rise of the Apes is set for a June 24th , so stay tuned for more info as it comes!

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