Jonathan Nolan Keen To Direct The Next Superman Film, And He Might Get It Too – Moviehole Seems To Think So…

Lately, a lot has been flying around surrounding a new Superman film with rumors saying Chris Columbus was going for the directorial role — but was almost immediately shut down. Even before that talk that Christopher Nolan was to take the role was sooner followed by the other Nolan brother, Jonathan Nolan.

Nothings official, but personally I think that he’ll get the job and Moviehole seems to think so too, as they have spent some time digging for some supporting info. They got in to contact with an unnamed source over at Warner Bro’s who said; “Jonathan Nolan is not onboard yet, but it looks like he will get the job. Jonah wants to direct, Chris wants to land him that gig, WB doesn’t want to upset Chris. That said, it is far from a done deal — but with Chris and Emma producing, the odds are with Jonah – kind of like Michael Mann producing his daughter’s first feature: “How bad could things go?“”

Accordingly they have already started looking for cast, and apparently a TV star “that no one is thinking of, but everyone will be thrilled with if he pulls on the blue tights” will be in the role of the caped crusader. But no one had actually tested for the part, but apparently there are some very serious conversations going on at this very moment concerning casting — so we will hopefully get an idea of who’s in soon. More importantly who’s actually directing — my money’s on the other Nolan brother.


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