SPOILERS: Transformers 3 Intro Spoilers! Or So We Hope

I myself am a Bay fan, although I do agree with some of the latest criticisms about the lack of story line and more babes and explosions but as far I (and nobody else) seem to have any insight into the plot of Michael Bay‘s third Transformers installment. But whatever it is I’m hoping its an improvement form the last lead ballon that was Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen — I mean come on, it was pretty bad — though whether you agree or disagree is another story. But according to CHUD we may have spoilers as to the opening scene of Bay’s Transformers 3 and as for the rumor, Im liking it!

(which usually means YOU WANNA READ THIS!)

According to CHUD TF 3 opens on a disturbance on the moon, obviously a Transformers of some kind. Scientists see the robot shaped disturbance and this is passed through the chain of command, eventually reaching the President. We see men in black suits rushing through the halls of the White house to reach the Oval office. When they reach him the President has his back turned starring out the window, when they start to ask questions he turns around and ZINGA! John F. Kennedy. 

So this means it opens somewhere around 1961-62, so this obviously has to do with the JFK space race. This could get interesting. I don’t think this could be within the thinking parameters of Bay, so this leaves it to be a Steven Spielberg induce intro. I like it! As with TF2 we had less and less Spielberg goodness, and a lot more Bayhem — basically explosions, bullets, baddies, battles and babes.

 So prepare to switch on your brains for the first however minutes because if this is infact the intro i’m hoping that it could set the pace for the rest of the film. Now that would be good, and with Megan Fox out of the way hopefully it will leave some more room for improvement (if you know what I mean). As for the people who aren’t quite up to scratch on TF news, earlier this year we reported that Megan Fox had left the set of Transformers for good and was later replaced by Victorias Secrets model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. So all ends well, lets just hope the string of bad movies ends at Megan Fox.


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