Mark Ruffalo In Talks To Take Over As Hulk For Whedon’s Avengers Assemblage: The Hulk Casting Saga Continues

According to Deadline Hollywood, Marvel are in the “last-stages” of hiring actor Mark Ruffalo (The Kids Are Alright) to take over as the Incredible Hulk in Joss Whedon’s Avenger team-up. If this is true, it will bring a hasty conclusion to the Edward Norton/Marvel saga over the character — if you didn’t know Edward Norton was sacked for the role of the Hulk in the upcoming Avenger’s movie only a this week.

Deadline say Ruffalo and his new agency (United Talent) are discussing the fine-print of the deal and will be in the role soon. In other words, its not certain and its not just a rumor — which means it could go either way. Ruffalo hasn’t been in some of the better films over the years, but I (and obviously Marvel) recognize the talent.

In other Marvel news, we just learned that both Captain America and Thor directors Kenneth Branagh and Joe Johnston have confirmed that they will be giving their films the 3D — although not the FULL treatment as they will both be converted in post-production process. So don’t get to excited.

Just a couple of minutes ago I read that The LA Times cited British actor David Tennant also for the role, Tennant of course best know for his role in the long-time running BBC sci-fi TV series Doctor Who — for which he served as the Dr for 3 Series. But if this latest casting rumor – and I say rumor becuase of the amount of stir for the role – is true then we have (hopefully) until the upcoming San Diego Comic-Con to wait for enlightenment. Until then stay tuned for more on this.


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