First Official Thor Image! Odin’s Raven! Odin, Thor, Loki And The Hammer!

The L.A Times boasts in its top story that they have confirmed that the upcoming Thor movie will be in 3D — which comes as no surprise to anyone who follows film at the present time. But the real news is what came with the article! Our first official image!! Here we have a excellent look at Anthony Hopkins in his full Odin kit, and in his wake we have Chris Hemmingsworth as titular asgardian Thor followed by Tom Hiddleston as Loki — who we haven’t actually seen anything of until now. It’s pretty fantastic really, seeing all three together and all dressed up!

Really I should be reporting separately, as 3D in itself is bigish news, but then again it was only a matter of time before it was announced. Which means other Marvel superdudes are likely to follow – we already know that through interviews with the LA Times Captain America director Joe Johnston (along with Thor‘s director Kenneth Branagh) are decided on using the technology. Although, they have expressed some doubts as to using 3D. As Johnston says “(I) think it tends to be overused and can be a little bit gimmicky” but any doubts they had were washed out after tests with post 3D conversion and 3D filming had them decided on it.

I myself don’t care for 3D to much, its a bit to gimmickey and fake. I’m all for 3D for films that require it and when every run-in-the-mill film is getting the full 3D treatment — it gets a little tiring. Avatar was cool, for god sakes I’m not willing to pay and extra $8 for something that gives me sore eyes and a headache. But enough about my views on 3D, both films will be converted in post-production — but Marvel’s President Kevin Feige was keen to point out that all it’s special effects where dreamt and conceived in 3D.

 “It’s one of those maybe rare times where 3-D accentuates the story and the way the viewer is brought into this new world. That’s what Avatar and Alice in Wonderland were all about — going into new realms, new worlds … I think with the Harry Potter films and ours you’re about to see a slew of movies where 3-D was done by people who had the time.”

Plus we are given (in the article) a whole bunch on how Marvel will be announcing some major Avengers news, hopefully some footage from Thor and a bit from Captain America — but probably not as filming is still in the small stages. Personally I’m hoping we get some closure as to whats happening with Hulk — the latest I looked is no one has been picked and we have been getting a stupid crossfire from Ed Norton‘s manager and Marvel. But whatever the news is, you’ll see it here as soon as it comes. So stay tuned for more info as it comes — and check the Thor pic below! Enjoy – A


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