Oz The Great And Powerful Apparently Starts Filming June 2011!

Its been a big year for Oz related movies, with several films already on the way — including Sam Raimi’s Oz: The Great and Powerful. Which now thanks to tweets from Production Weekly we know starts principle filming in June, 2011. Thats odd, as Raimi seemed to be heading into a adaption of the online computer game World of Warcraft. But for whatever reason he seems to be doing this.

Anyway, Oz: The Great and Powerful seems to be starting filming next June — regardless of reports that he had his sights on a WoW adaption. So this is what we know so far: It follows a Wizard (played by Robert Downey Jr.) in a traveling circus and eventually leads into how he finds his way into the magical land of Oz — and eventually comes to power as the ruler of the emerald city.

This may be a result of conflicting scripts, as Raimi said he had only completed a 40 page treatment of his WoW script and that was about a month ago at the 36th Saturn awards. This is only guessing remember. But for whatever reason we hope will be revealed at a later date, stay tuned for more info on the matter as it comes.


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