Lorenzo di Bonaventura Says That Transformers 3 Is Nearly Completely Being Shot In 3D

Last time we reported that Transformers director Michael Bay had given into shooting his third TF in digital 3D. Now we have news that while talking to its producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura, CinemaBlend found out that they have been shooting a lot more scenes than originally planed for the film.

Saying, “We’re shooting it with the [Pace] cameras. Not 100%, but we’re doing a lot. And it’s the future. Michael [Bay] learned how to do it in about a day. Really it was unbelievable. It’s a cool feeling–we’re sitting on the set and we’re watching a monitor with 3D glasses on. It feels very 21st century. We’re finding when we’re shooting dialogue scenes in 3d, it’s really interesting, it create a dimension to it. It’s kind of interesting. We’re actually spending more time shooting non-action elements in 3D than we thought we were ever going to do 

Bay himself was apposed to shoot in 3D, as he has managed to hold off the 3D bug for the previous two films. di Bonaventura said himself on the matter of 3D, “I think the technology is going to continue to improve so you don’t have these, sadly, really awful renditions of 3D.”


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