X-Files Star Gillian Anderson Starring In Johnny English Sequel

Its been almost 8 years now since the last X-Files series aired, and a two years since her last solid movie role — now X-Files star Gillian Anderson has been forced to take a less-than-favourable role in a sequel to the fumbling british spy movie Johnny English starring Rowan Atkinson
Anderson has accepted a role in Johnny English Reborn as a MI7 spy named Pamela Head who will be working alongside titular-spy Johnny English. The film (2003) was a failure, but regardless made a whole lot of money regardless — and was considered a international success. I myself loved the film, simply for what people discredited it for — cheap laughs and bogus violence. Oh well. 
But seriously a good actress such as herself shouldn’t be degraded to this level so simply make some mula. I mean she hasn’t exactly had any major roles in a VERY long time but really? Johnny English? It’s not no say I’m not looking forward to the film, frankly I can’t wait but with such a big name — in my books — swimming around with all these no-names, theres something wrong their. Although If she gives it a go with the skill I know she has then it will sure be a hit. 

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