Return To Pandora….Avatar Comes Back For Round 2 In August! With 8 More Minutes Of Footage……Great

Not to anyones surprise James Cameron‘s Avatar: Special Edition is being released into theaters August this year on the 27th — and with 8 more minutes of footage as well. Which I think is just another chance for Cameron to get some more cash in hand, but then again it does give us another chance to see what real 3D is like — rather than all the latest garbage posing as digital 3D.

Fox announced via MCN that on August 27th Cameron’s Avatar will be visiting theaters once again with a whole 8 minutes of extra footage – so get ready — because its just next month.

Personally I loved Avatar, and I would relish the chance to see it again but truly I think with the length it was plus the 8 minutes I think its a stretch to far..but one thing I am looking forward to is its DVD release as the first Avatar DVD release I found was rushed and boring.

With the success of Avatar’s first run I have no doubt a second wave will be just as successful, so if you haven’t yet seen it then get out in August and give Cameron some more money!  What do you think of a a second release, pushing it? or do you like me enjoy Cameron’s finest work? Give us your thoughts below 🙂


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