Live Action Little Mermaid Film, Ariel Comes Alive!

British director Joe Wright and Working Title Films are apparently working on a live-action adaption of the 1837 fairytale by Hans Christian Anderson. Wright who is best know for his work on Atonement and The Soloist will (hopefully) mark his return with Little Mermaid — and the screams of five year old girls where heard across the land. Great.
I myself am not a huge fan of the fairytale let alone a live action rendition, I think it should have just been left with the Disney adaption. Let’s just hope it’s nothing like the piece of trash Aquamarine was. But then again I think if it is done right it could do some good for the fairytale genre as it has been pocked and prodded something serve over the years. 
For those a little less familiar with the fairytale, The Little Mermaid tells the story of a mermaid-girl named Ariel who gives up her aquatic powers to be with a land-born prince for love. Other than the fact that Abi Morgan has been selected to pen the script, we have no further info to share. So as usual stay tuned for info from this film.
What Do You Think Of A Live-Action Ariel?
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