Another MGM Disaster, 007 Dead.

Well The Hobbit has already pretty much crashed and burned due to MGM’s “financial” situation, and I wouldn’t be surprised if never hits the big screen. And according to AICN another one of the lion’s films has been cancelled – James Bond is dead. 
The untitled 23rd Bond film was set to be directed by Sam Mendes, with Frost/Nixon writer Peter Morgan on script duties — which begs me to imagine what it would have turned out like. The last Bond; Quantum of Solace didn’t quite live up to its predecessor Casino Royale which I consider one of the best Bond’s of all time. But of course Mendes could have done so much more, regardless of Campbell’s effort. 
Lets just hope that someday someone other than MGM will pick up the rights to the film and will bring it back, but until then we will have to consider Solace as the last….not so great effort. So, as always stay tuned for more info as it comes. 


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