Paranormal Activity 2 Trailer too Scary For California!

Huh this has to be one of the richest bit of news in a while, after the release of the Paranormal Activity 2 trailer aired this week right before Twilight: Eclipse news that it had been swiftly banned from the state of California in the states for being too scary. Deadline reports that Cinemark (a cinema) executives had a chat with Paramount about pulling the trailer from several of its cinemas.

Just a couple of days ago we posted on the release of Paranormal Activity 2‘s trailer, so if you haven’t seen it then nows the time. But I think this is ludicrous, and personally I could hardly watch the first PA movie but think that the trailer itself isn’t actually that scary. Should they be allowed to do this?

Paranormal Activity was of course one of the scariest films ever, harnessing lighting and its shaky camera shooting style. Also a very tension building film, it relates to its predecessor Blair Witch Project which coined the shaky camera genre in 1999. And now we have some softies telling us that we can’t see a horror movies trailer simply because it does what any good horror film should do — excuse the crudity but make you want to crap your pants.

What do you think about banning a horror films trailer for being simply too scary?
Post your comments below =)

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