MoaMoa Brings The Barbarian Out In New Conan Pic + NEW SET IMAGES

Gosh only this May did we first get a glimpse of Jason Moamoa as Conan — looking a bit baffled in full kit but now we get a much better image which shows off the more barbaric side to his Conan which I thought what was missing but apparently not. He’s channelled the beast, and I like it!

Thanks to Conan The Movie Blog we have a much better image of Moamoa as the Cimmerian, which was found on message boards of So feast your eyes on the image below!

Thanks again to Conan The Movie Blog for these, we have a set of images posted on their Facebook fan page from the set of the film. The movie has rapped up filming and now heads into post-production, so as we get closer and closer to release we hope you can look forward to some more pics as we get them. You can view the pics below.


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