The Industry Must Be Fresh Out Of Ideas — Mafia Wars The Movie? WTF!?!

Well now we know for certain that somethings wrong with enough remakes, reboots and re-imaginings coming out these days I beg to question is the movie industry running out of ideas? And now they’ve come out with the news that Radar Pictures is setting up a production deal for Facebook game Mafia Wars — I mean come on! This is just plain stupid.

Apparently the idea has been sent to script writers, which is a little stupid. Is this what we need, another worthless movie about…well the same thing. everyone seems to think that just because it is on Facebook that means it is new and fantastic..with an array of successful Mob oriented films having already been made I don’t quite see the point.

Hollywood please of please stop passing this kind of shit for movies, it gets to the point where I’m willing to go out of my way to bag this sort of garbage.

This is not why I love movies, I love movies for the experience of feeling something we don’t get everyday…not something I already sit on for an hour or two each day. I am starting to see a reoccurring pattern these days in the film industry, it seems that studios are giving of the signal that it would rather make money than a piece of art — which I can understand but not when it gets to this. I mean primary students could be more creative. I don’t know how this can pass as movie quality.

No production details have surfaced thus far, so as always stay tuned for more info as it comes.

Source: Pajiba


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