Latest Dr Who Movie Rumor, Very Unlikely But Will Johnny Depp Play Big Screen Dr?

I myself am a Doctor Who fan and so if a large selection of die-hard Sci-fi fans, and with rumors coming in form far and wide surrounding a film adaption would like to remind you that these are only skepticism’s and are most likely being made up on the spot — but I thought it would be fun for fans to read anyway.

According to an article off — which has magically been removed entirely of the internet — which was dug from site reportedly states movie studio sources that Pirates of the Caribbean actor Johnny Depp is inline to star as the titular Doctor in a film adaption of the long-time running BBC television show Doctor Who.
For those less familiar with the series, Doctor Who centers around a alien humanoid time-traveller called the Doctor who travels around time and space in a blue police box. The series holds the world record for longest running Sci-fi series ever and has had 11 separate actors play the role of the doctor in 31 series, and over 750 episodes. Just this year British actor Matt Smith replaced David Tennant as the 11th Doctor. 
According to the article previous series writer Russell T Davies will be writing the film, with a quote from Davies saying; There will be brand new concepts and the film will be just as adventurous, scary and humorous as the television program. But none of us working the film will forget what makes the character great and interesting and the long-time fans will not be disappointed because yes, the Daleks make an appearance.
Still this is only a faint rumor and wouldn’t get your hopes up as Depp has been attached to several other projects including playing his famous Captain Jack Sparrow for the next few Pirates of the Caribbean films. But still I will keep an eye out on this one, and as always stay tuned for more info as it comes.

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