Wave of Marvel B-Hero Mini-Flicks Introducing New Characters Coming Soon?

Sources from Latino Review have stated that Marvel are looking into introducing new B-superheroes through short films. This means that we will hopefully be seeing a lot better superhero films, although they are slowley getting better with Iron Man and Iron Man 2 lifting the slack that movies such as Elektra, Fantastic Four, Daredevil and Ghost Rider left behind. And now with the The Avengers movie coming up as well as a number of other Marvel oriented team movies coming we will hopefully be seeing a whole variety of super dudes hitting the silverscreen.
“Got a scoop from a well trusted source that Marvel/Disney are looking at doing 10 minute short films in front of their feature length movies that will introduce secondary characters like Black Panther, Luke Cage, Dr. Strange, etc.” – Latino Review

I think this is a excellent idea, giving other such unknown characters some exposure in mainstream film. Also It gives audiences a chance to experiance a whole different side of heros, showing us the B-heroes of Marvel Comics. Aside from straight-to-dvd and animated films we haven’t seen a whole lot of heros so this is going to be pure awesome! Nobody seems to have any info, so I will be scouring the Marvel archives from some possibles. As always stunned for more info as it comes

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