Leonardo DiCaprio Cast As J Edger Hoover In an Untitled Biopic

According to Deadline Hollywood (via MTV news) Inception actor Leonardo DiCaprio has been cast to play the founder of the FBI — J Edger Hoover in a untitled biopic to be directed by Clint Eastwood. Eastwood has said that he is sick to death of seeing himself on the silver screen saying; “I leave that to younger actors now,” he said. “I’m not a prize fighter who has to capture another victory. Since I worked as a director for the first time on Play Misty for Me in 1970 I’ve become tired of seeing myself on the big screen.

“That doesn’t mean I’m going to stop acting, though” he added. So Hoover it is.

The script was penned by Dustin Lance Black who did Milk — it will be produced by Brian Grazer and Rob LorenzAlthough I love some of the previous works of Eastwood – save Invictus – I do however have some doubts as to the combination, I mean Leo is a great actor don’t get me wrong but I’m getting a little bored with some of his recent works and Clint my friend I think you’re getting a little too old for my liking. Am I being too harsh?


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