Is Neil Blomkamp To Take Over And Direct The Hobbit Films?

Lord of the Rings fan-site (via has said that a alleged “spy-report” indicates that District 9 director Neil Blomkamp will be taking over  as director for the two Hobbit films. reports that it source says, Blomkamp — Peter Jackson‘s protege will take over the reigns of Guillermo del Toro‘s abandoned post. 

Last month we reported that del Toro was leaving as director for the two films — and in the same month we reported that original LOTR trilogy director Peter Jackson – who also worked on District 9 and the failed Halo movie with Blomkamp – may be forced to do the movies, but now I guess thats all behind us if the reports are in fact true. 

Personally I have no idea who the right choice for the films are, but I think if we keep it Kiwi then we’ll be ok. But I think that making Jackson do it out of keeping the studios interest in tact would be wrong and would only sterilize Jackson’s spark for making such movies. Also I loved Blomkamp’s effort in District 9, along with such great cast and crew it only made it better. As always keep hangin’ and stay tuned for verification of this story, will post more info 

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