First Official Look at The Green Hornet: First Official Trailer and Pics

Well we have here a selection of images and videos for the upcoming Green Hornet movie, starring Seth Rogen as the titular hero and Jay Chou as his side kick Kato. The film itself has been surrounded by issues, the first being script changes then a change of directors. Also the original release date of July 1st has been bumped as far back as 1st of January, 2011 from July 7th 2010. It kinda hard to believe that despite all the interruptions such an awesome trailer could be produced. I mean before that I was thinking ‘good another superhero origins story!?’ and what it would be about, but after watching the trailer tonight I’ve put aside every doubt and given The Green Hornet my full attention — watch and see.

The trailer was supposed to be released on Jimmy Kimmel live! tonight but due to a power outage in theatre where Kimmel does his show tapping Yahoo! stepped in a posted the thing himself. Cursed.

 You can view the video below as well as some screen caps 🙂

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