First Thor Footage: Odin’s Raven! It’s Anthony Hopkins As Eye-Patched Odin

Although its excellent news that we have actual behind the scenes footage of Thor – we do have to tell you that its through the somewhat annoying Entertainment Tonight. Which means besides the pure awesomeness  we have to fight through stupid presenters rambling about…crap. But besides this, we haven’t really seen any set/film photos or videos so this will be the first official look at Thor

The footage is from the upcoming Marvel Studios film Thor starring Chris Hemmingsworth as the title role. Also hear what actress Natalie Portman has to say about her role and the movie as a whole, as well as what it’s like to work with Chris. In the video you get a glimpse at   Hemmingsworth buffed up as Thor in his costume, as well as director Kenneth Branagh talking about how buff Hemsworth is. Also if look really, really sharply you might get a glimpse at a Anthony Hopkins in a eye-patch as Odin. You can see the video below, or here at ET Online (just watch it below..they suck).


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