Thor Concept Art Leaked Online Following Cap’s Online Debut Yesterday

Following in the footsteps of super squad member Captain America, Thor has emerged from the concept boards and is here online. Early yesterday we reported the news that concept art for Chris Evan’s Captain America had leaked online following a detailed description from Joblo a day earlier. Although Cap’s costume isn’t quiet what we expected – no stripes wings or awesome boots – but I think that any progress is good progress. This time its fellow Avengers team member Thor’s turn to make a online appearance, and he’s not the only Marvel super dude to make it to the big screen next sumemr.

Thanks to Collider we have a seemingly official full concept of Kenneth Branagh‘s Thor, and compared to Cap’s concept it looks legit. But until confirmed we can’t say. Thor is looking to make a May 2011 release, but not specific date has been released. One thing I will say is if this indeed official, I’m a little bemused. I mean it seems like Marvel is ditching everything that I like about its original characters. The sparkle that we saw in Captain America’s costume has been traded in for a more basic and functional model. And as for Thor – where’s the helmet? Feathers seem to be on the Marvel Studios no-go list this time round. Check out the pics below.

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