Peter Jackson Will You Direct The Hobbit ? Pretty Please? What! You Might!….Then Why Am I still Worried

With the news that director Guillermo Del Toro has opted out of directing the Lord of The Rings prequels still fresh in our brains, our thoughts turn towards producer Sir Peter Jackson – who as we all know coincidentally directed the original Lord of The Rings trilogy. What I want to know is will he take the helm of this sicking ship? With delays and financial problems within the studio keeping The Hobbit from any form of a green light, I have some very serious thoughts as to the future of this production. 

We now have everyone suggesting that Jackson should’ve taken over Del Toro’s abandoned post all along, and his management seem to want to make it clear that in any uncertain terms he will remain as producer and nothing else. But as these things go, someone forgot to consult the man himself. And while talking to The Dominion Post Jackson revealed that he could in fact end up directing the thing himself. 

If in fact it has to come to that, he said “If that’s what I have to do to protect Warner Bros’ investment, then obviously that’s one angle which I’ll explore.” Also assuming its possible. He explains, “The other studios may not let me out of the contracts.”

This means that ‘the other contracts’ is the commitment to direct in the third Tintin, which is being kicked off by director Steven Spielberg. Isn’t it a little pedantic to hold someone down to a far of sequel to a movie that hasn’t even made it to the cinemas? It seems like having such directors at their disposal gives the studio a big head in assuming that it will even be successful enough to get to a third? I mean come on!

Personally I don’t think its right in forcing someone like Jackson into a corner where he has to direct a movie just to ‘protect a studios investment’. Seriously, the original LORT trilogy was pure magic because of Jackson passion and commitment towards the films – and I don’t think we will get the same result with someone who is being forced to do it and is only doing it for the money side of it.


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