Platinum Dunes Doing Over Ninja Turtles Franchise, Hell Yeah!

Last fall Nickelodeon – a corporate sibling of Paramount  –  bought the rights to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise for $60 million, previously owned by New Line. According to Deadline Nickelodeon i.e Paramount has decided what they want to do with the rights. They report that the studio have brought on production company Platinum Dunes – who until now has worked on solely worked on Horrors will bring the fun loving ninjas to the big screen in a live action/CGI hybrid – and lets hope this time they get it right.

Platinum Dunes, who despite some mixed views have brought back some of the best movies of the genre such as last years average Friday the 13th, and this years awesome Nightmare On Elm Street Besides. Platinum Dunes has given more than a dozen iconic horror flicks a new lease on life. Co-onwed by TF director Michael Bay, Brad Fuller and Andrew Form will all serve as producers for the film. The last failed attempt to revive the Turtles franchsie was 2007’s CGI animated TMNT, which bombed. Come on people lets start to get things right!

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